Big Decision

admin   December 29, 2015   Comments Off on Big Decision

I decided to become an Independent adjuster back in June of 2015. I fortunately have two friends who are established adjusters. They both allowed me to travel with them and learn the business. They both also were very honest with me letting me know that sometimes it can be a long time between deployments. First and foremost, get on with as many rosters you can. Then, make sure you get your State Farm certifications, both Auto and Fire/Cat. They are two separate certifications, but also necessary to do inside work. TheĀ “big four” can possibly get you an inside job. Another sure way to get work is to let them know you are interested in two-story steep, but only if you are comfortable with heights. If you are, spend the money to get certified two-story. Also, if you go through the trouble/effort to get your New York license, you will most likely get inside work. That’s enough info for now, there is a lot more, but that would get you started.